Monday, May 20, 2013

Announcing Open Bidder [BETA]: A Platform for Real-Time Bidding Innovation

Thursday at Google I/O 2013, we announced Open Bidder, a fully customizable toolkit for building real-time bidding applications. By combining the speed and flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform with DoubleClick’s expertise in real-time bidding, Open Bidder provides developers a robust platform to quickly create innovative RTB solutions.

Currently, companies interested in building their own real-time bidding technology face significant barriers to overcome, including:

  • Development and maintenance of a scalable and secure infrastructure for their bidder
  • Development of a robust system to apply bidding logic to incoming bid requests
  • Development of a bidder with sufficient latency at scale to meet real-time bidding requirements

Open Bidder removes these barriers by providing a customizable bidder toolkit with a reference implementation that developers can adapt to plug in their own bidding logic and data. Additionally, we provide an administration console for managing bidder and load balancer instances within Google Compute Engine. With Open Bidder buyers can significantly lower the latency of their bidders by leveraging Google Compute Engine’s scale, speed, and proximity to DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now buyers can focus on developing new and innovative bidding logic instead of worrying about the complexity of scaling to over 250,000 qps while responding in under 100ms.

We’ve been working on Open Bidder for over a year, and over that time we’ve been fortunate to have some fantastic alpha testers that have helped us develop and improve the product. Going forward, we’re excited to see what brilliant ideas developers can bring to advertising through Open Bidder. If you’re interested in being a Beta tester, please submit an application here.

More details about Open Bidder can be found in our Beta documentation. To stay up to date on all of our ads-related technologies follow our Google Ads Developers Google+ page.