Monday, November 18, 2013

Estimated Total Conversions are now available in the AdWords API

Consumers are increasingly using smartphones and switching between devices along their path to purchase. So it's become harder for marketers to see the full conversion path and measure ROI using traditional online conversion tracking.

That's why we recently introduced Estimated Total Conversions. Estimated Total Conversions provides a more complete and accurate view of all of the conversions driven by AdWords -- including conversions that start on one device and end on another.

Many new metrics related to Estimated Total Conversions are now available in the AdWords API. When you use the Account Performance Report, Campaign Performance Report, or Ad Group Performance Report, you can now access the following fields:
  • CostPerEstimatedTotalConversion
  • EstimatedCrossDeviceConversions
  • EstimatedTotalConversionRate
  • EstimatedTotalConversions
  • EstimatedTotalConversionValue
  • EstimatedTotalConversionValuePerClick
  • EstimatedTotalConversionValuePerCost
  • ValuePerEstimatedTotalConversion
To see the new Estimated Total Conversions statistics, you need AdWords conversion tracking set up through either the AdWords UI or ConversionTrackerService in the AdWords API. You'll also need a sufficient volume of conversions within an account, campaign, or ad group so that reliable estimates can be made.

Keep in mind, estimated conversion values are available only for search ads on Google traffic at this time.

As always, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the AdWords API on the G+ page or the forum.